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Small Camera Haul

First photo shoot this year, I know its March the 14th. I suppose that's a fair indication of my motivation still. And I swear to God that every time I work with Krissi

the weather changes from OK, dry, sunny to the Polar opposite. Decent weather all week, the day we shoot, strong winds and heavy rain. Trying to light smoke grenades was troublesome to say the least.  We managed to get a few shots on the Sony, a few with the Instax (including a few BW) and I even shot a roll of Kodak Ekatchrone 200 E6 slide film, which for the record is the first time I have ever shot with slide film. I shot that in my Yashica mInitec which has a fixed 32mm F3.5 lens. Originally I was going to shoot it in an Olympus Trip I picked up in Wales last weekend but as the weather was so dark and I didnt have a flash unit for the Trip I ended up using the Yashica.

I was going to post more about the shoot with Krissi and show all these wonderful smoke effect photos but I think I mentioned the weather put p…

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